About the Study

What We're Doing

1 in 7 moms suffer from Postpartum Depression (PPD). That’s 1 in 7 moms left feeling broken, emotionally detached and doubting their ability to raise their child.

So why does it happen? Why some mothers, and not others? This study was designed to find answers to those exact questions, by looking at the genetic fabric of what makes you, you - your mom genes.

Putting Your Mom Genes to Work

In order to be successful, we need over 100,000 DNA samples - collected as saliva through spit kits - from mothers who have been affected by PPD. At that scale, we’ll have a statistically viable amount of DNA to draw conclusions, enabling better treatments to be developed - and one day, maybe even a cure.

Why Do You Need My Saliva?

Your mom genes are unique to you. But there are aspects of your DNA that are shared with other women. By analyzing that, we hope to find what moms with PPD have in common at a genetic level.

It just so happens saliva samples are the easiest, least invasive way to collect a reliable DNA sample for us to study. And the best part - you can provide it from the comfort of your home. After you download the app and take the survey to confirm you qualify, we’ll mail you a spit kit. It’s easy, secure, sanitary and safe. Once you complete the test, you’ll mail it back and we’ll get to work.

Okay, so now what?

Still with us? Great. Then download the app, take the survey, and share this study on your social channels. If you can do all three, you’re our new best friend. If you can only do one, you’re still doing an incredible thing for us all. And you’re still our friend.

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I’m not a mom, what can I do?

Support your mom, wife, sister, and women everywhere by sharing this study on social. Also call your mother.

How The Study Works

Get The App

The App & Survey

We will use the app to ask you questions about childbirth and mood and anxiety symptoms that happened after you gave birth.

You will be given feedback about your responses to the questions. We can point you toward doctors in your area who specialize in evaluating and treating women with postpartum depression. Your answers to the survey will determine if you are eligible to receive the saliva sample kit.

Take The Survey

The Kit & Saliva Sample

Some women will be asked to give a saliva sample. Collecting saliva is just spitting in a tube, and can be done in your home. The sample is mailed back.

We can get DNA from your saliva, and will use it to "scan" your DNA. If we do this for tens of thousands of women, we can identify the genetic differences in women who got postpartum depression, allowing us to develop new treatments.

Learn more about the study and initial results here.

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